Tidings of Comfort Food and JOY!

Posted by Yolanda Plear on

Hey y'all!

Believe it or not, Christmas is almost here! The weather outside isn't TOO frightful since I'm in Houston, but its definitely cool enough for cozy COMFORT FOOD!

I have tasked myself with making a new soup every week or so and I have been eating GOOD!! Pinterest is literally the best place on earth for a lover of food like me!

This recipe was supposed to be a meatball stroganoff but I used more beef bone broth instead, and made it a soup. And let.me.tell.you. BOMB DOT COM!!!

I will link the original recipe here.

All seasonings were replaced with Avocado Crack Original and I used tofu shirataki macaroni noodles to keep it low carb. Y'all enjoy!!

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