Keto Crack Biscuits!

Posted by Yolanda Plear on

Hey yall!

Honestly, the holidays have me in my foodie zone and I have been watching holiday movies and cooking more and more everyday! I get this from my grandparents, who always made the holiday season extra special with traditions and good food.

My grandpa sent me a recipe for Keto biscuits the other day, and while I can't take credit for the original recipe, once the Crack was added, it took these delicious biscuits to another level! 

These are a savory dinner biscuit, which I paired with a Tuscan Kale soup, also AMAZING! 

I will link the original recipe for the Keto Biscuits here, and remember to substitute all seasonings for Avocado Crack for life-changing flavor!


Love, Yolanda 

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